‘o universe, greatest of all vessels
whither are you bound?
pick me up, carry me away in your shelter
i cannot swim all the way unguided.’
(rabaindranath tagore – natures requital – a tagore testament, meridian, 1953)

adrift #1 (west of setown, jurassic coast, dorset, 2016)

to the land, to the sea

below golden cap

a drifting day
particles coiling
in slow water

the tidal pool
an extended moment
a threshold opening

shimmering luminous
grainy constelleations
accumulating dispersing

an unrepressed instant
of fluid geometries
opening pouring

an otherness emerging
the unmediated instant
devoid of hesitation

an azoic transmission
a white sublime
microcosmic field

an ineffable rift
the face of the deep
mysteriously cast away