ancestral geographies

‘if there is no innocent perception of nature – no first nature, only second – then there is no primal presence to which we can return and on which to base our understanding… the task is that of presenting the obdurate fragility of the most insignificant flower. no art of any value can be reduced to an exhortation to mend our ways, yet approaching the authentic work we cannot help but breath the air of another planet – our own, redeemed of all domination.’
(dave reason [canterbury june, 1986] – landspace, place, nature material – p4, p5 – kettle’s yard gallery, 1986)

summerhouse hill (kent, 2021)

silbury hill, (wiltshire 2018)

discontinuities: 2018

found   lost   imagined 

faded   ochre   markings

coarsely   dressed   slabs

blackened   stone   hearths

opaque   amber   fragments     

struck   flint   scrapers

incised   burnished   bones

black   combed   sherds

pierced   ivory   discs

thin   charred   horizons

star   stone   alignments

slow   ritual   landscapes

being   belonging   becoming


project: ancestral geographies
project status: in progress

wistmans wood: 2011/2015
piles copse: 2014
black-a-tor copse: tbc

summerhouse hill: 2021

silbury hill: 2018

men-an -toll: 2011

men-an-tol (penwith, cornwall, 2011)