‘the quantum view of reality demolished the most substance-orientated of all ontologies – classical atomism. for it holds that, at the microlevel, what was usually deemed a physical thing, a stability perduring object, is itself no more than a statistical pattern, that is, a stability wave in a surging sea of process. …processes are not the machinations of stable things; things are the stability patterns of variable processes.’
(nicholas rescher – process philosophy, a survey of basic issues – p 13, university of pittsburg press, 2000)

subscape #1

blueprints series one: subscapes
 st. john, u.s virgin islands
date: 2011

blueprints series two: shoal
location: virgin gorda, british virgin islands

blueprints series three: surface
location: laguna beach, california
date: 2019


subscape #2

surface #1

shoal #1

shoal #2

shoal #3