‘the wind blew against me till i tingled with knowledge… the swiftly changing played upon the slowly changing.’
(thom gunn – games of chance – abattoir editions, 1979)

collection site



project: circulations – a sea-worn assemblage with audio component
date shown: throughout the duration of the folkestone triennial 25th June to 25th September, 2011
assemblage: 1000 sea-worn objects, hand collected over 365 days
material: cultural material derived from the erosion of: late iron age midden pits,  roman villa site, pre-war land fill, including items of recent flotsam and jetsam
installation venue: the folkestone history resource centre
public engagement: an introduction by the artist and a talk by a town unearthed
collection site: east wear bay fore shore, folkestone, kent
field and studio assistant: beverly andrews
site specific sound recording: hydrophone
sound engineer: wesley burden
funding: the european regional development fund as part of the treasures revealed project
support: lesley hardy of a town unearthed, rebecca stockley of the folkestone history resource centre and kent county council

fragment 2.3 - erosion

we circulate
we wear away
we are all held momentarily
many interactions
through the changing of tides
connective patterns
build, erode
fade away


objects gathered at collecting site

hydrophone recording


site map