dockyard collaboration

‘we are only alive
in those moments
when we improvise
no schedule
just small surprises.’
(this is our still life – andrew kotting [director] – film, bfi 2011)

surface #1


project: a collaborative audio/visual installation
sound artist: ‘being’ [russell burden with terry davey]
 rain bowl
duration: 5:00
sources: glass bowl, rain, cello, spectral processing
painting: joanna jones
materials: egg tempera on canvas
water surface image: russell burden
exhibition space: ignition gallery, the joiners shop
location: chatham historic dockyard, chatham, kent
date: june and july 2009
funding: south east england development agency

joanna jones and russell burden started talking about a collaboration at the beginning of 2007. by summer that year russell and terry davey had written the sound piece for joanna to work with. The painting is that direct response. working to a chosen theme relating to the notions of river and continuum, being wrote a drone piece that was responded to in paint by joanna creating what many thought to be an immersive experience in which the static visual work encouraged a synesthetic response in the viewer, the work appearing to possess kinetic qualities.

the installation was the first time the completed audio/visual work would be shown and it fitted the space beautifully. during a full month the work was part of a series of multi artist shows (that ran for 6 months) curated by russell burden and lorna dallas-conte. an initiative they ran named the ‘business of creativity’ in which six sectors of the creative working community were invited to attend talks by key speakers and shows by kent based artists. the whole initiative was developed and executed by nebulo design and funded directly by south east england development agency.

fragment 3.1 – water

each ringing drop 
draining through
these dry
cycling through
opening minerals
mediating life
cloud drift
bowl of sea
river’s drone
life’s cells
water contained

sound piece: rain bowl