i, river

‘it is all a river flowing to the eternal
out of the invisible
into time and space
and back to the invisible.’
(derek neville – i live on a river – breaking through – mitre press, 1972)

water-light #5 (temple ewell, dover 1978)




water-light #5 image: 35mm ektachrome (pushed), temple ewell, dover, kent, 1978
film capture: 
river dour source, temple ewell, dover, kent, 2013
still images: ultramarine series. river dour culvert, wellington docks, dover harbour, 2014
film score: 2015 (12min)
film editor: ewan golder

graphic score
for moving image and sound
part 1 morning foreground interval c/g
part 2 afternoon foreground interval a/e
part 3 dusk foreground interval g/d
part 4 morning background interval f/a
part 5 afternoon background interval d/f#
part 6 dusk background interval c/e