image making

‘if we consider ‘discovery’ not to be a process of creation but simply the realization of something that has already existed, something old and not new, then our perception on these matters drastically shifts. at one time the act of perception was considered as creation. the eyes were said to out beams or rays which struck objects, thus making them visible. vision as transmission.’
(bill viola – reasons for knocking at an empty house, writings 1973/1994 – p.92 thames and hudson, 1995)

boundary #4 (machu picchu 2017)

silence #1 (rhodes minnis, kent 2014)

boundary #3 (kent, 2014)

satish kumar (west dart, 2015 )

silence #12 (south devon, 2018)

first light (sandgate, kent 2009)

bifurcation #1 (temple ewell, kent 2000)

alterity #3 (monterey, california 2012)

boundary #2 (folkestone, kent 2014)

boundary #1 (reculver, kent 2011)