‘everything discloses its nature, its essence, in the manner of its being.’
(joseph milne – metaphysics and the cosmic order – temenos academy, 2008)

installation (chatham historic dockyard, kent)


project: infusoria (filament discs)
date shown: 3rd – 31st Sept 2009
installation venue: the joiners shop, chatham historic dockyard, kent
wall text:
public engagement: art related talks at the joiners shop
collection site: river medway
material gathered: phytoplankton (diatoms)
imaging method: compound photo-microscopy
printing method: giclee
frames: cnc routed to the dimensions of an algae filament segment
sound piece: 12 variations
sound duration: 4:28 looped
sound production: being (russell burden, terry davey)
sound sources: bowed clock chimes, processing
funding: seeda (south east england development agency)
field assistance: stephen turner (surface nettings were made on two seperate occasions with the help of stephen’s boat and knowledge of the river)

journal: sun animalcule – heliozoan – protozoan.  infusoria – an early collective term for micro-organisms first postulated in müller’s 1786 ‘animalcula infusoria’. cultured by decomposing vegetable matter in fresh water, some early microscopists assumed that the micro-organisms including algae, amoebas, vorticella, rotifers (wheel animalcules), ciliates and many other forms spontaneously generated through the aquatic rotting process of organic matter.

two plankton collecting trips on river medway
culturing phytoplankton in the studio
disc production
‘white on white’ wall text
sound piece


fragment 4.3 – unseen

across the river’s surface
unseen by naked eye
on minute matted rafts or
drifting individually
live the teeming billions
microscopic algae
converters of sunlight
through chlorophyll and

tiny glass houses
cellulose chains and filaments
givers of half the world’s oxygen
takers of our carbon dioxide

a floating garden of
diaphanous forms
transparent containers
filled with energy
living in suspension




collecting grounds (river medway)

sound piece - twelve variations