‘a suitable environment is the essence of existence for any organism, since life depends upon the continuance of a proper exchange of essential substances and energies between the organism and its surroundings.’
(paul s. welch  – limnology – mcgraw-hill book company, 1935)

thisendlessmomentunfolding (1996)


project: intertidal
location: dungeness, kent
time: 6am
season: late spring 2008
format: 645 transparency
usage: john taylor, phases cd package (cam jazz)
sound piece: evanescence
sound duration: 4:00
sound sources:  site specific field recording, short wave radio
thisendlessmomentunfolding: 35mm, surface #3 (sandgate studio, 1996)

intertidal #2

intertidal #1

intertidal #9

intertidal #10

intertidal grid #1