intervals in grey

‘chalk too has its dream. of the bone, on a white ground of endless beginnings.’
(jeremy hooker, the invisible globe, matrix, soliloquies of a chalk giant – enitharmon press, 1974)

chalk, clay, gouache (sandgate studio, 2018)


project: intervals in grey (a discontinuous sequence)
status: in progress
description: the stratigraphy of the gault formation and grey chalk subgroup are mapped for changes in colour, depth of beds and lithographic qualities
graphic score: drawn from the mapped and collected data.
music: tracing pieces part one – intervals in grey

location: folkestone, kent
geological era: mesozoic
geological period: cretaceous
geological age range: base of the middle albian to the upper cenomanian

sampling, lithology, strata, sequence, archive. discontinuities, unconformities, anoxic events

upper cenomanian
(buff marl)
middle cenomanian
(rhotomagensis subzone)
lower cenomanian
(grey chalk)
(chalk marl)
(glauconitic marl)
(upper greensand)
upper albian
(upper greensand)
(gault clay)
middle albian
(gault clay)
lower albian
(lower greensand)

gault micro-fossils, sub-zone collection (copt-point, folkestone, 1989-2000)