invites and commissions

‘accordingly, to create objects with soul, objects for a rich and beautiful world, we must invest them with life, self, and humanity; in other words, we must invest them with something of our selves. no matter what money system we have, if it does not induce or allow this kind of creative process, then we will not be living in a sacred economy.’
(charles eisenstein – sacred economics: money, gift, and society in the age of transition – chapter 23, north atlantic books, 2011)

light pools (south hams, devon 2018)

guitar drones, cover photography and design - night mist

artists book - monolayer

lifespiral - imagery and fibonacci curves brand

cameraless artwork - paper parts

photography and cd cover design - paul cheneour

imagery & website design - dr valerie thomas

cover arwork - offthesky, light loss

cover artwork and design - thom norton, perspectives 1

box harmonium and treatments - the humble bee and players, snowflake

cover artwork - sima kim, freudvoll ind leidvoll

cover images - the green kingdom, expanses and expanses remixes

artist assistant, andy goldsworthy triennial project

cover image - the boats, ballads of the research department

cover artwork - the green kingdom, incidental music

cover images - john taylor, phases