‘you are things’ inmost meaning, hidden deep which keeps its being’s final secret close.’
(rainer maria rilke – the book of hours – [translation a.l.peck] the hogarth press, 1961)


artists book: monolayer
publisher: carbon copy press (007, 2019), manchester, press page
ltd first edition: 30
pages: 34
title: monolayer
author: russell burden
phenomena: a peripeteia, a turning point or instances of self-organisation or self-assembly
media: glass substrate, carbon layers, mineral solvent
imaging: photo-microscopy
date: 2009-2017
location: sandgate studio
sleeve: black paper on card
outer sleeve: gf smith gmund treasury, 210gsm value
end paper: gf smith, colorplan, 135gsm tabriz blue
inner pages: 115gsm uncoated off white matt recycled paper
binding: hand stitched (#5129)