project: parenchyma
: saga middleburg building
date: 2008
format: 645 transparency
substrate: aluminum plate
production: sandgate studio, kent

previous series: tomato et al
format: 35mm transparency
prints: 20 images on metal plate
exhibited: the metropole galleries, folkestone, kent
date: 2003

robert hooke (1635-1703) named cells ‘little rooms’
rudolf von virchow (1821 – 1902) in 1858 stated that ‘all cells come from cells’

etymology: parenchyma – gr. parenkhuma – something poured in beside. para beside, plus- enkhuma infusion. cell – lat. cella – chamber.
biological definition: thin walled vacuolated cells. (bubble like compartments, vacuoles or fluid containing sacs, that hold cell-sap).

modern day cell theory:
all living things are composed of cells and cells only arise from other cells
there is a stage in all multi-cellular organisms when they are just a single cell
there is no known spontaneous generation under current conditions
cells can be viewed as self instructing chemical factories