‘the sun was going down at the end of a shining path, but soon there would be stars to steer by.’
(theresa whistler – the river boy – p154, rupert hart-davis, 1955)

star tracks (laguna beach, california 2014)


starbathing: an online, searchable, image based journal of imagery captured on many film and digital formats
duration: 4 years
start date: 25/03/2010
end date: 25/03/2014
usage: the journal was purpose built as a speed search for archived material via: date, location, title, thumbnail and capture device. Posts derived  from a large archive of imagery shot between 1974 & 2014, the journal ended with 500 environmental, devotional and nature based entries. over its four year life starbathing helped develop a way of accessing and working with images. the online technique was instrumental in the development of, a far more complete working process that gathers together and juxtaposes ideas to help reveal subtle relational phenomena.


night fern (saltwood, kent 2004)