the nature of substance

‘to be properly expressed, a thing must proceed from within, moved by its form: it must come, not in from without but out from within’
(a.k.coomaraswmy – on the traditional doctrine of art –  meister johann eckhart quote, p14, golgonooza press, 1977)

remains #1 (penwith, cornwall)


project: the nature of substance

fragment 3.2 – the indivisible

an inseparable singularity
          of separated processes
                    an integrated field
                              of unintegrated materials
                                        an infinite field
                                                  of finite instances

remains #2 (birling gap, east sussex)

evidence #3 (charmouth, dorset - sandgate studio)

evidence #4 (dungeness, kent - sandgate studio)

‘it becomes impure and pure in itself, it dissolves and coagulates itself, or, as the sages say, locks and unlocks itself: it is the quintessence, above all things and in all creatures’
(c.j.jung – p190, mysterium coniunctionis – routledge & kegan paul, 1963 / citation: p216-217, gloria mundi, mus.herm)

suspension #1 - solution (sandgate, kent)

suspension #2 - saturate (photomontage, sandgate studio)

suspension #3 - solute (digital graphic, sandgate studio)

suspension #4 - solid (crystallisation, sandgate studio)

remains #3 - redwood carbon (santa cruz, california)